Heroes Make the Change and are the Difference

A hero has faced it all, given everything to a greater honor than one self.  Impossible isnt in their vocabulary and they invest in the value of making a way.  They perservere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.


Every Step of the Way


HEALING HEROES WITH SPORTS (HHWS), a 501c3, not for profit organization, was founded to provide our wounded Veterans and First Responders with adaptive sports and recreational activities to participate in during an all expenses paid vacation. These programs are focused on the physical health and mental morale of this generation of injured veterans, firefighters, police officers, emergency responders, their families and caregivers. Our mission is to support them with education and kindness.  Your donation to our public charity is a gift which will support these brave men and women who have protected the freedom of our nation.

In the water

When one of our heroes faces challenges, the family experiences those challenges along with them. We support family members who suddenly find they are serving as full-time supporters or caregivers by giving back and bringing them out as well.  We hope that you and your family find the resources here at Healing Heroes With Sports as helpful and informative.  You will find some unique features on this site as well as useful links to explore.  Learn more about us here, leave comments or be a part of the inspiration by donating to our mission and being a part actively in our program.


Nominate A Hero

While you are here you can submit your “Nomination” of a family member or friend who you feel shoud be recognized.  Write to us about this injured Hero who deserves to be chosen to be treated to a vacation.  Tell us the story. 

Heart in your handCharter Life Membership

We envision generations of well-accomodated and educated Heroes, receiving support to overcome the challenges of readjustment. With a membership you enable outdoor interactive programs through rehabilitative vacations, peer support, and professional services to be provided to them.  Help us help them every way we can.

Please check back here or on our social media links often to see what’s new at Healing Heroes With Sports (HHWS).  Help us grow on our social media pages and help to engage with the online community.  Learn more about us here, leave comments or be a part of the inspiration by donating to our mission and being a part actively in our program.

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