Volunteering to Raise the Bar

Citius, Altius, Fortius

by: Christopher S. Hendrix-Buxton

Billions of years from now legends may or may not be remembered decades from now, even those in particular whose moments made our spirits soar.

We will never get to live this life again, so we all try to run faster, soar higher or become stronger mentally, physically & spiritually together. The Olympic creed embodies the essense of sport in the world and no one can or should ever change it.  We should all remember that those three simple words are to inspire each one of us on how to live. 

Every four years athletes have the opportunity in the summer or the winter to shine on the global stage and ascend up onto the podium.  Children, gentleman & ladies all over the world have the same feelings inside when we all hold our breath in that solitary instant, that moment in time, when the athlete we hold dear in our hearts comes up next.  Hoping one and the same to win.

Tim Bell

      “That was not my best, but it was perhaps the one that has meant the most.”

        -Timothy Bell

Tim Bell is captured here in the midst of his ascension over the bar.  It is a picture perfect moment of when he won his South Eastern Conference title during the Indoor National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships in Arkansas.  Just a few seconds in time where everything mattered to someone.  He was also a part of a winning effort which broke off the Razorbacks streak of consecutive NCAA titles in the sport of Track and Field only a few weeks later where the Tennessee Volunteers won it all.

Tim, also know as “Tele-Tim”, gave everything to clear the bar on that day and this photograph is proof that he reached an unbelievable 17′ 2.5”. To this very day and certainly an infinite many more to follow, will aim to fly nearly as high in the sky as he did and unite fight with flight either in this sport or another. No matter who you are or what you believe in, one thing is certain, this young man could soar.  

However here is the truly remarkable fact of the story that we wish to tell.  The part about healing and overcoming adversity when no one who used to care isnt looking anymore.  The seldom known fact about him is that in 2002, after a devastating knee surgery, he made a remarkable comeback.  Here at Healing Heroes With Sports, we believe that this kind of life changing effort can come about when others are there to help you get there. It begins with you, each other and ideally us all.


It was an honor and privilege to call Tim a teammate while attending the University of Tennessee. Unfortunately, I had to quit the team, my mother was diagnosed with cancer this a second time and I missed out on the team title run.  As an eventual undergraduate as a George Mason Patriot and a Volunteer Assistant Coach there, my mother got me there and will always be my inspiration.

Now this story is not all about Tim and it is especially not about me. Tim did say it best to me over a few recent conversations however, “…in every sport imaginable, dreams of making that last second buzzer-beater, golden goal, the touchdown, sinking that 20ft putt or simply crossing the line 1st instills in us what it means to be excellent.”  It is about how that moment or person of inspiration means eveything to someone on our planet at one point in time, in all of our lives, one way or another.

Tele Tele_Tim Tim is now teaching language arts.



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