About Us


Participating in sports is a great tool regardless of how young you are or how old you get to be.  It allows everyone living with or without cognitive, emotional and / or physical challenges to participate in community-based activities more than ever together.  With adaptive sport technology especially,  these advancements allow someone to thrive whether it is purely recreational, to promote a healthy lifestyle or practicing to win a competition. Conquering visible and invisible disabilities is what Healing Heroes With Sports is all about.  We want to ignite the spark and fuel inspiration by fanning the fires of deep-rooted leadership skills and overcoming challenges that burn at the core of sports.


Playing sports and / or participating through it as a fan is a great way to learn and grow while at the same time overcoming adversity. Through sports and leisure, over the course of a weekend with us on an all expenses paid vacation, they can find in themselves certain qualities of a greater self worth than who they thought they were.  Another person or inclusion in some activity bigger than themselves can be an awesome experience that forever changes lives.  While with us they will skillfully and successfully pass through obstacles and difficulties that on previous occasions they may not have had the opportunity to accomplish. 

With out skilled team they can feel unconditionally accepted. Their healing can begin in a safe environment in which an overwhelming and enduring feeling of support and empowerment await them.  In their service to us they embraced an incredible range of emotions from pride to fear and even joy to despair.  Here at Healing Heroes With Sports we help them to rediscover the confidence to embrace hope and passion to thrive in a greater way than they ever before.

Join us in the discussion by commenting, donating or sharing with us to help perpetuate the dream.  Help us to bring to life great ideas and inspirations that can take us beyond the challenges of a fully functioning program into a community that understands and embraces life together regardless of our differences.


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