Charter Life Membership


A $180 goes a long way when you subscribe to become a Charter Life Member.  All Charter Life Memberships receive a HHWS membership card.  These card carrying members are recognized on our website, at events and amongst the community of adaptive sports as advocates.  Carrying this membership card reminds you and show others how much you care.  It resembles the genuine understanding and commitment to life and being a part of something bigger than oneself. 

Your commitment to the recovery process and the difference being made is represented in your membership and reflected by it.  Not everyone can physically aid in the recovery process, so here is a great way to make a difference in their lives.  You can rest assured that with your contributions as a Charter Life Member, your money is directly going to an outstanding cause.

With so many different rehabilitative options that exist thanks to the technological advances in adaptive sports, we are helping them to feel a sense of pride knowing that they can do it.  We are helping them to discover the possibilities and progress their ever-evolving needs which they and their fellow heroes must live with everyday.  Remember, that with your support, they are not alone in this journey. Whether they are newly injured or have been on the path to recovery a while now, they are still heroes and we want to celebrate in that.

Our members are a part of a group that helps to illustrate the focus and direction of this public charity.  They also serve as educators to the community and advocate the healing and honoring of our heroes.  We are limited to 5000 Charter Life Members in our group.