Everyone has a story to tell.

Tell us theirs

Wounded Heroes who incurred service-connected injuries or illness during service are eligible to be nominated.  We will give them something to look forward to that gets them out of the house with a weekend filled with fun.  They paid the cost of freedom already in the service to our country – This one is on us. Nominate the hero in your heart.

How do I nominate my hero?

Each hero and their families will choose the activities in which they wish to participate during their stay. All activities will have an adaptive trained director to teach the Heroes and help them reach their full capabilities to ensure maximum success and enjoyment.

Nominate an injured Hero by writing us a letter as to why their loved one deserves to be chosen to be taken on an all inclusive family vacation.  If you have a friend or are a family member of someone you think should be considered to be nominated as one of our V.I.P. heroes, then please read the following information and complete the appropriate fields below.  We will contact the one’s chosen once we have reviewed the candidates to schedule a date with them.

Please remember that your nominee must have served in either the Military, as Firefighter, a Polic Officer or a First Responder.