Our Mission


Who We Are and How We are Going To Do It.

You can support us by donating to healing heroes by clicking here.  Our social media pages are all currently under development, so we need the support please.  The resources will have some unique features in addition to information about the Company and a unique “Nominate” tab where friends and family of an injured Hero has the ability to write a letter as to why their loved one deserves to be chosen for a family vacation.

There will also be a “Dream” tab where we discuss how the idea came about and what sponsors helped us take this from a dream to an active, fully functioning program.

The “Wall of Honor” tab annually recognizes one Hero that has participated in our program. The Wall of Honor section includes an in‐depth account of their story, how they have overcome their injuries, and what they are doing to help better the lives of other wounded Heroes.

Any donation tab will honor and recognize all Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze donors (if they wish) along with our Corporate Partners to give recognition to those who are helping launch and build this program. Some of the adaptive sports and recreational activities that we expect to provide for them are: inshore and offshore fishing, golf, snorkeling, scuba diving, cycling/hand‐cycling, tennis, yoga, target/skeet shooting, wheelchair basketball, sled hockey, roller and ice skating, archery, horseback riding, swimming, table tennis, bowling, badminton, volleyball, tubing, wake‐boarding, kayaking, rowing, stand‐ up‐paddleboard and windsurfing.

Each hero and their families will choose the activities in which they wish to participate during their stay. All activities will have an adaptive trained director to teach the Heroes and help them reach their full capabilities to ensure maximum success and enjoyment.

Through the activities and programs offered, America’s Disabled Veterans and injured first responders will live more independent and enriched lifestyles that will raise their level of personal dignity. Other Opportunities‐ In addition to the above programs, HHWS will also specialize in designing, providing, and manufacturing adaptive sports and recreational equipment for athletes and other individuals with special needs.

Our Florida‐based manufacturing and assembly facilities, as well as overall sales and operational activities, to train and employ wounded Veterans looking to transition into civilian careers.

Some of the current products and services include, but are not limited to:

● The Patriot Putter that is a 20‐in‐1, dual patented and USGA approved golf putter that is adaptable to any golfer, from both a standing or seated position.

● Adaptive Carts‐ Both golf and general leisure/mobility carts.

● Proprietary Training Programs: Teaching adaptive athletes and those who work with them how to most effectively participate in both leisure and competitive activities.

● Specialized equipment to support rehab service programs.

● Research and Development of next‐generation adaptive products and services.

● Other custom products that have general and adaptive appeal. HHWS plans to capitalize on its unique expertise in this niche market through the development of these and other products that can than be branded and then donated or sold.

This will help HHWS to be able to raise some of its own funds rather than be 100% reliant on funding by donations. Potential Foundation Programs:

● The Adaptive Golf Education Program‐ HHWS will work in conjunction with an internationally‐recognized body of golf instructors to develop a series of ongoing courseware; accreditation; and continuing education materials geared towards instructing both adaptive athletes and the trainers/coaches who work with them. This will include access to golf courses that are designed specifically to meet the requirements of adaptive needs athletes and their families.

● The Adaptive Community Recreational Initiative ‐ A pilot program to integrate adaptive facilities into a municipal recreation department. The program will feature education/awareness training for the municipal employees, as well as recommendations and implementation assistance for ensuring that recreational facilities (and other municipal services) are compliant with adaptive needs.

● The Adaptive Lifestyle Awareness Initiative‐ A program for elementary school‐age children that will promote the understanding and awareness of adaptive lifestyles. The program will be available for implementation through school districts nationwide.

● The Adaptive Lifestyle Community (Formal Name TBD)‐ HHWS will be instrumental in creating an online portal that will become the singular resource for bringing together this specific target audience through a global, open environment conducive to education, information, communication and shared life experiences.

HHWS 501c3 corporation number‐ N15000002361