Support Our Heroes

Honor a Hero with your gift.

Please help us to make Sarasota the capital of the adaptive sports world.  Your support will help educate, provide and enrich their lives giving them an experience of a lifetime.  Healing Heroes With Sports has a dedicated team with big hearts doing everything they can to show our wounded Veterans and First Responders how proud we are of them.  Whether you’re a family member, friend or proud supporter, your support can make a difference in raising funds to help heal our heroes.

What is the best way to help the team?

The strongest people are the one’s who feel it, understand it and accept it.  If you think you can’t, you’re right.  Winners have positive attitudes and optimistic thinking is a part of who we are and this is what we want to instill in them with your support.  We want to forge the strongest community together with you that extends far beyond 


Healing Heroes With Sports is a new public charity and our mission is to support the wounded veteran. Your donation to HHWS is a gift which will support the brave men and women who sacrificed a part of themselves to protect the freedom of our nation.  Your donation goes directly to providing them with educational vacations that are transformational to heroes with medical conditions like PTSD or missing limbs and as well as their families.


Join our Charter Life Membership and be recognized as a fellow member of the Healing Heroes With Sports organization.  You will be recognized as an individual who shares together in the focus and direction needed to heal our wounded veteran community. As a card carrying member you will be provided resources and news on what problems and solutions face us.    


If your a business, the bottom line is that giving excess inventory to a charity helps others and makes business sense.  We gladly accept donations of new or used adaptive sports equipment and gear.  Please contact us to donate or form a sponsor partnership deal together.divider_scroll.jpg