Wall of Honor


In Memory of the Men and Women Who Serve our Country, We Honor and Remember their Sacrafice

This wall is in honor to the strength and courage of those whose stories explify the essence of our country and its heroes. The Wall of Honor annually recognizes a Hero that has participated in our program or shares the story of one that should be honored who has meritoriously earned it. The Wall of Honor includes in‐depth accounts of their story, how they have overcome their injuries, and even updates on what they are doing to help better the lives of other wounded Heroes.  These brave men and women are deserving of divine grace beyond that of which money could ever afford, and so we humbly share thier stories here with you.

John S. Drinko and Joseph Shutlock Jr.

As the Chief Operations Officer of HHWS, we honor Craig Drinko’s late father, John S. Drinko and uncle Joseph Shutlock Jr. to the Wall of Heroes as our first inductees.  Please read on further.  Craig wrote us a short letter to share with us his their stories and what they meant to him.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform all those that read this where the passion to help our Country’s Wounded Veterans and First Responders comes from, for me in particular.  My involvement in this project primarily comes from honoring my late Father, John S. Drinko, who served this country both as a Marine and as a firefighter.  Before I was born, my father was a Lance Corporal in the US Marine Corps.  This was one of my Dad’s favorite accomplishments of his life, he was extremely proud of being a Marine.  I used to love hearing him tell stories of being part of the blockade for the Cuban Missile Crisis or some of the “exscapades” he and his fellow Marine buddies would get into.  When I was born in 1967, my Dad was a firefighter for the town of Port Jervis, NY., where he was born and raised.   I remember some of my “toddler” days at the firehouse, climbing the fire-truck, watching my Dad in parades, etc..  He also served his community by being a rescue diver during his time as a Firefighter.  He was also my Hero.   Rest in Peace, Dad.  John S. Drinko, 1/08/1943-8/07/2014.

The second person I would like to honor in my efforts for HHWS is my Uncle on my Mother’s side.  My Uncle, the late Joseph Shutlock Jr., was my favorite Uncle while I was growing up.  He served in the United States Army for a number of years and then the Army Reserves for rest of his days until his death in 2006.  He loved to watch old “war movies” with me and always had a bag of chips or pretzels for us to share.  He also loved to take me fishing and help make this one of the passions in my life to this day.  Thank you Uncle Joe.

He retired from the US Army after 30 years as a Master Sergeant.  He retired a year before his death in 2006.

Thank you very much.  Taking the time to read about them honors their memories and what we strive to achieve here with those we can still embrace, hear and talk too.  Please continue to support our efforts.  We are forever grateful to you and your families.